Book a Party

McGolf Driving Range   •  No food provided (make your own catering arrangements, local pizza
       delivery is available from Papa John's or Bellisimo's).
   •  Reservations required (5 days prior), call for availability.
   •  Capacity: 200 People maximum.
   •  Party duration: Approximately 2 to 3 hours.
   •  No deposit needed.
   •  Fee: $5 or $7 per person (1 miniature golf game included)+ $25 per party.
   •  Party is based on the current weather situation, no extra charge to
   •  Alcohol is permitted only in designation party areas, not on the course.
   •  Reisterstown Regional Park within a walking distance (Kids playground,
       Practice fields, Ice Skating and Soccer)
   •  Tent Rental available from Bay Country Rentals (410) 833 - 2200.
   •  Large parking lot on site.

Please contact us to get any additional information about your special party at (410) 833-7721.